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What year is it?

Posted on April 24, 2020 by Patrick J. B. Simmons
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I wrote this on April 23rd, but I am not posting it until April 24th. Why? Because while we did release our first episode in 27 months (since the end of January, 2018 - and that poor sucker had its Facebook post removed and forgot to get added to our feed so it never hit subscribers on time) yesterday, today’s episode was already recorded and edited when I uploaded it. So I decided to get the show notes and other errata ready for today, then write this up to make sure that I posted it tomorrow (which is now today). I am going to leave yesterday’s as featured on the main page here a little longer, though, just to be fair to it and as I think it probably has slightly broader appeal.

So here we are - after over two years without any episodes, we’re doing two in one week. We have actually recorded more than that in that period, but we just haven’t released any - due to technical issues, lost audio, a few duds, time, laziness, and so on. Right now, though, we know a lot of people are stuck at home during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and while some places are beginning to discuss opening back up, that is still a week or two off for most people - and that is if things really do move in that direction (right now, who knows?). So we wanted to take that chance to do what we have been trying to do anyway for a while - release some new episodes.

So whether you are listening at home while on lockdown, on the way to or from an essential service job, or even long after Corona-chan has wiped out the Earth blown over, we are glad to be back, and gladder still to have you with us (be it back with us or new to the party). Wash your hands, don’t trust the WHO, and thank you, as always, for listening.

What year is it?

Posted on January 6, 2018 by Patrick J. B. Simmons

It has been a while, but we finally have an episode to release - predictably late, unless you live in California, in which case it is just cutting it close.

None of the predictions from our 2017 celebrity dead pool kicked it last year, though you could be forvien for thinking we did.

It has been nearly - though not quite - a fill year since we have managed to release an episode, and with that in mind we are not going to mand any grand claims as to how many episodes will be released this yet. We will, however, say that at least two will be: this week’s being the first. This is a two part episode, the second half of which we recorded right after the first, with plans to release it next week.

So what happened to us?

Honestly, the same things that happen to everyone: work, family, general laziness - that kind of thing. I got hitched in the iterim and spent a bit over a month of the past year in India, which also took some time out. Whether any of that has brought changes to us or our format is something better decided by listeners than us.

So tune in, welcome back, and let us know - we have missed you, and we hope it is a mutual feeling.

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