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Interested in advertising on All Downhill? Whether you have a pre-recorded advertisement you would like us to play or you want us to talk about your product, service, or brand ourselves, we are interested in having your sponsorship for our show! We are interested in both monetary compensation and possible payment via goods. For example, if you are a brewery, we'll plug your brand in exchange for beer. Please note that we reserve the right to reject any non-monetary agreement based on our own interest in the product or service being offered (if you offer, for example, cat bathing services, as neither of our hosts owns cats, there isn't much you can do for us), as well as the right to reject any monetary agreement for any reason (although we are pretty unlikely to do so).

For more information, get in touch with Patrick J. B. Simmons at:

Special Notice for Podcasters

If you run a podcast of your own, we may be willing to exchange promotions - that is, we will agree to mention your show on All Downhill and in exchange have All Downhill mentioned on your program. If your show interests us, and our show or hosts interest you, we may also be interested in being a guest on your program and having you appear as a guest(s) on ours. If any of this interests you, get in touch!

Our Promise to Listeners

While All Downhill is grateful to our sponsors, we will never knowingly make a claim about a product, brand, or service that we know is untrue. We will strive engage with sponsors whom we can be proud to promote and know our listeners - that is to say, you - would be interested in supporting. We will never disguise a paid advertisement as something else, though we reserve to right to endorse our sponsors outside of their advertisements if we truly do like their produce, service, or brand. This is all to ensure we provide both the best programming possible to our listeners, and the best service possible to our generous sponsors. Integrity, as they say, is key.

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