All Downhill

March 28, 2021

Is Poop Funny?

Download: 20210328.mp3 (47:40, 50.4 MB)

Episode Summary

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As All Downhill slowly transitions to yet another dadcast (Patrick’s first and Mike’s second daughter both having been born since the previous episode), this week the show talks diets, diaper changes, and, channeling our inner two-year olds, the inevitable bond of both things: poop.

Is poop funny? Why? When? Always, or only sometimes? Do you change the diaper right away, or wait until the job is done? All these things answered, despite you wishing they were not.

Episode Sources

  1. Music: sense of wonder by FGRC, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.


This episode features some strong language and scatological humor.

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