All Downhill

April 23, 2020


Download: 20200423.mp3 (47:23, 54.3 MB)

Episode Summary

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This episode was recorded and released during the 2020 COVID-19 Lockdown and Quarentine in the United States.

After over two years, Mike and Patrick return from their hiatus to discuss the elusive, mysterious, and seldom-seen (much like new episodes of All Downhill) creatures known as cryptids.

With a particular focus on Chupacabra to the strange Goat Man, this episode discuesses - and pokes fun at - some of our favorite possibly mythical creatures.

Episode Sources

  1. Scientists discover 1st animal that doesn't breathe oxygen - CBC
  2. Music: Everybody's Going to Die by Church of the Cosmic Skull, used with permissionand love in our hearts.


This episode features some strong language.

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