All Downhill

October 29, 2020, 2020

The Moonville Tunnel

Download: 20201029.mp3 (40:53, 42.3 MB)

Episode Summary

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Recorded on location at the Moonville Tunnel in Vinton County, Ohio, in this episode Mike and Patrick talk about ghosts while sitting on a log right outside of the supposedly haunted tunnel.

Armed with their audio recording equipent, a camera, an EMF reader, and some jerky, they also made several recordings inside the tunnel itself to see if anything paranormal or otherworldly would happen, some of which are played in this episode.

Episode Sources

  1. The Moonville Rail Trail
  2. The Moonville Tunnel at Atlas Obscura
  4. Outro Music: The Moonville Brakeman by The Rarely Herd
  5. The Rarely Herd on Facebook
  6. Intro Music: The Ghost of Moonville Tunnel by Scott Michal
  7. Composer Scott Michal


This episode features some strong language.

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